2004 / 2015 | www.hedonai.com

Specialist in non-invasive medical-aesthetic treatments"

Hedonaï is a leading company in the Spanish niche of non-invasive medical-aesthetic treatments (laser depilation, medical-facial treatments, etc.) and has over 40 of its own centres spread through the national territory (26 cities), of which 22 centres are located in El Corte Inglés establishments.

Value contribution

  • Professionalisation of the company through contracting of CEO, CFO and Marketing Manager.
  • Creation of a brand of national coverage through (i) opening of centres, beginning with 3 centres in Galicia, and (ii) agreements with El Corte Inglés.
  • Development of new lines of business (electrofitness).
  • Improvement of cash management and significant reduction of indirect costs.


In 2015 Nazca successfully sold Hedonai to the Vousse Corp aesthetic medicine group.

Investment period

November 2004 - June 2015


Health and Beauty

Sales upon investment

2,1 Million euros

Employees upon investment