Ramón Garnica


Ramón Garnica

Ramón Garnica joined Nazca in 2010. He is currently partner of Fund V, and member of the ESG team, participating in the generation, analysis and execution of investment opportunities and in the management of portfolio investments. Ramón has over 9 years of experience in the private equity sector and is a member of the board of Distribuciones Juan Luna, Cinelux, Filmin and Nutris.

What is your experience?

After completing my degree in Administration and Business Management at CUNEF, I worked as an associate in the Strategy department of KPMG, where I carried out numerous commercial due diligences and strategic plans for private equity companies or their investee companies.

What do you think makes Nazca different?

The way of working with people. Not only at the level of the team, but also at the level of managers and partners. Nazca has a relationship approach, very different to the idea people have of private equity, shown, among other ways, by the Nazca annual event attended not only by people from our current investee companies, but also by many of our partners and managers of companies which are no longer in our portfolio.

What factor is key in the private equity management team relationship?

A close, continuous relationship, which ensures that there is trust between the private equity company and the management team. This close relationship allows us to be a flexible partner with good knowledge of the business, which can make quick decisions without the need to have to wait for the next management board meeting. In many cases, we end up becoming friends of our management teams, maintaining a fluid relationship even after divestment.

What do you like most about your work?

That we are never bored. Every day we face new opportunities, many of them in niches which we did not even know existed, which allows us to meet people with very different profiles. In this job you never stop learning.

How do you spend your free time?

Combining family, friends and the outdoors. I love the countryside, especially the mountains, and spend many weekends there, in some cases including trips to unusual destinations.