Carlos Carbó

Founding Partner and Managing Director

Carlos Carbó

Carlos Carbó founded Nazca in 2001. As Managing Director he is in charge of the strategic and operational leadership of the management, relationships with investors and fundraising. He also supervises the investments, monitoring and divestments of the companies of the portfolio of all Nazca funds. Carlos is president of the Nazca Management Board and Investment Committee and has over 24 years of experience in the private equity sector. He has participated in over 50 transactions

What is your experience?

After graduating in economics in Madrid and finishing my postgraduate studies at Harvard, I spent the first years of my professional career in Investment Banking (Hispano and Schroders). In 1994 I became part of Mercapital, the leader in private equity in Spain at that time, and was subsequently the managing director of García Baquero, where I learned about family business and the industry. In 2001, Álvaro and I convinced Fortis Bank to invest in our first fund of 100m, and since then I have worked on the development of Nazca.

What makes you most proud to belong to Nazca?

The team. This is a business of people. We have a talented team, passionate about working together toward the objective of long-term leadership of our market.

What challenges must entrepreneurs take into account when considering incorporating a private equity fund?

The main challenge for an entrepreneur incorporating a private equity fund as a partner is to understand our decision making parameters, always aimed at the creation of medium-term value and with a strategy that seeks to maximise value within their sector.

What has been your most creative project or solution?

Creating one of the most successful private equity projects in Spain, based on a project idea which a friend of the entrepreneur presented to us out lined in pencil; 4 years later, we quadrupled the size of the company, and multiplied the value of its shares by 11.

How do you spend your free time?

I have very busy weekends enjoying free time with my family and practicing various sports. I like the sea and the mountains; you’ll find me skiing, riding a motorbike with my son, or walking through the mountains.