2007 / 2015

Leading company in outdoor advertising in Catalonia"

Autor operates within the outdoor advertising market, specialised in offering customised formats in specific locations to small and medium sized companies in Spain. Founded in 2007, it is made up of Sistemas, one of the main local operators in Catalonia, and Mundex, a local operator at the centre of Spain. It has 3,000 advertising mediums (mainly billboards) and a large portfolio of 1,000 clients.

Value contribution

  • Development of a business plan maintaining the focus on local businesses vs. campaigns which have greater exposure to the economic cycle and greater volatility.
  • Professionalisation of the management team and development and implementation of financial and operational reporting.
  • Increase of national coverage through expansion into new regions.
  • Acquisition of a local competitor in the north of Spain (Publicantabria) as a continuation of national expansion.


In 2015, Nazca sold the company to Sistemas e Imagen Publicitaria (owned by HIG), with interest in executing a consolidation project on the outdoor advertising market.

Investment period

July 2007 - December 2015


Business Services - Outdoor advertising

Sales upon investment

10,3 Million euros

Employees upon investment