Grupo OM

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Main supplier of visual merchandising and point of sale promotion solutions in Spain and Mexico"

Founded in 1982, GRUPO OM is the leader in visual merchandising for food and specialized distribution, developing and producing comprehensive solutions to stimulate commercial work at the point of sale of large stores (formats for price indicators, solutions for shelf organisation, etc.). The company’s portfolio of clients encompasses the main Spanish and multinational distribution companies, working from the design of the product to its placement at the point of sale. Grupo OM has over 160 employees.

Value contribution

• Support in the transformation of a subsidiary of a family company into a 100% independent company: move to a new, more modern production plant, launch of an international brand with centralised management of the group, and strengthening of the management team.

• Strengthening of the commercial system and the production department.

• Development of new lines of business – through exclusive agreements with large European manufacturers and internal developments.

Investment period

November 2012 - November 2019


Industrial - Visual merchandising

Sales upon investment

22,1 Million euros

Employees upon investment


Grupo OM