Miguel Ángel Canalejo

President of the Advisory Board

Miguel Ángel Canalejo

Miguel Ángel Canalejo founded Nazca in 2001. As President of the Industrial Advisory Board, he is in charge of its regular discussions, as well as ensuring that its members advise the Nazca teams in their areas of speciality. Miguel was a Pioneer of private equity in Spain, and has over 25 years of experience in the sector.

What is your experience?

I am a graduate in industrial engineering from the Higher School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid, and a graduate of the PDG General Management Programme of the IESE. I worked for seventeen years at Union Carbide Corporation, the final seven as CEO of its companies in Spain. After four years as Managing Director of the Navarra private equity company Sande, for three years I managed ITT Standard Eléctrica, and finally I was Executive President of Alcatel in Spain, Portugal and Latin America for fourteen years. During my career I have been a member of the Management Boards of over fifty Businesses and Institutions.

How do you get involved in Nazca projects?

In the eighteen years since we founded Nazca, my involvement has been adapted to the needs of the investment team at all times. During the early years, I was very involved, as a non-executive chairman of the Management and the Investment Committee, and as a member of the Management Boards of the majority of the investee companies. Over the years, with the increased experience of the investment team and the incorporation of new partners, my participation has gradually reduced. At this time, in addition to presiding over the IAB, I regularly participate with other internal management committees, such as the Investment Committee, the Operations Committee, etc. I also participate in periodic meetings with investors, and am always available to the investment team when, due to my experience, I am asked to participate in the due diligence processes of the new investments.

With your professional experience, what can you contribute to Nazca?

Given my extensive professional experience, I believe that I can advise the Nazca investment team in many different fields. Firstly, in sectors such as Industry, Chemistry, Telecommunications, etc.; and secondly, with my intense transversal experience in Strategy, Corporate Governance, Organisations, Internalisation, etc. Finally, I have extensive experience in Latin America, where I successfully managed an organisation of over 3,000 people, with operations in 18 countries.

What ties and values connect you with Nazca?

As founder, I am proud to recognise many of the values that I believe in in the team and culture of Nazca, which have held throughout my professional life. Firstly, the belief that people are always the most important aspect of a company, not only due to their individual talent, but also due to their capacity for teamwork. People motivated by success, who are determined, flexible, humble, have a high level of self-discipline, and who are impeccable in terms of professionalism and ethics in business management. I therefore feel that I strongly identify with them, and am delighted that Nazca is today the organisation with which I have been connected for the most years in my professional life.

Why would you recommend a business to associate with Nazca?

Firstly, because Nazca has the experience of 20 years of success in this sector. Its track record of value creation for its investors in unparalleled. Secondly, because it is a good partner and a good owner, thanks to the values which form its DNA, as I indicated in the previous answer. The best demonstration of this is that our advisors are our former partners, and the management teams which have worked shoulder to shoulder with us in the investee companies. Finally, because all decisions are made here, by the Nazca investment team, which leads to an immediate response to the needs of the investee companies.