Jaime Carbó

Member of the Advisory Board

Jaime Carbó

Jaime Carbó joined the Advisory Board in 2015, although prior to this he collaborated with Nazca on specific projects. Jaime has extensive experience in the business world, combined with years in the financial and investment sector. He currently collaborates in the monitoring of Caiba and Juan Luna.

What is your experience?

After graduating in Law and Business, I started working at Arthur Andersen, which I combined with an Executive MBA at the I.E. Next, I moved to the world of Markets and Corporate Finance at AB Asesores Bursátiles, in 1992 deciding to orient my career toward the world of Business and special situation (TF Artes gráficas, Uralita). In 2000 I joined the Board and management of Azucarera Ebro Agrícolas (subsequently Ebro Puleva and Ebro Foods) where I was first CFO and then Managing Director. After 11 years I became CEO of SOS (subsequently Deoleo) leading the restructuring of the company, and its subsequent sale. In September 2015, I joined another listed company, Adveo, as CEO. I have been a board member of private and listed companies, and companies owned by private equity companies.

What do you think makes Nazca different?

The personal approach of the investment. I have had extensive experience with large international private equity firms, and there the relationship is constantly dialectical and conflictive; at Nazca the creation of value is understood as a shared process.

What motivates you most in working with a management team?

Having spent so many years “on the other side”, I have a very good understanding of the motivation and issues of teams. The time required, the necessary explanations, the management of “surprises” which occur in every business. It is very satisfying to act as an intermediary between the two.

What challenges must entrepreneurs take into account when considering incorporating a private equity fund?

Managing a business owned by a private equity company is different from one owned by a family or even when the company is listed. The information requirements, the detail of monitoring, the pressure on deadlines; ultimately the delivery. It is much more demanding. The management/ownership relationship is substantially different and one must be prepared.

What is your most memorable experience at Nazca?

Although it may seem trivial, the annual dinners. At them, there are companies which are doing well, others which are not, there are budgets which are being followed, and others which are not; but that night, the personal approach which I mentioned as differential at Nazca is demonstrated to the maximum.

How do you spend your free time?

I like agriculture, skiing, car races and reading. I divide my time so that it does not affect my family, which is not always easy.