Emilio Manchón


Emilio Manchón

Emilio Manchón joined Nazca in 2011. He is currently partner of Fund V, and member of the ESG team, participating in the generation, analysis and execution of investment opportunities and in the management of portfolio investments. Emilio has over 8 years of experience in the private equity sector and is a member of the management board of Herbex, IDP and Eurocebollas..

What is your experience?

After studying Industrial Engineering at ICAI (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas), I began my professional career in the merger and acquisitions department of N+1 (currently Alantra), where I worked for four years, after which I completed my Master’s in Administration and Business Management (MBA) at the IESE Business School.

What makes you most proud to belong to Nazca?

The motivation that the whole team has for adding value to the business growth projects in which we invest.

What factor is key in the private equity management team relationship?

Before undertaking the investment, it is essential to spend the necessary time to agree a communal future plan with the management team and to establish a close relationship of trust. During the project, it is essential for there to be fluid communication and to reach a consensus on how to respond to the challenges which arise.

What challenges must entrepreneurs take into account when considering incorporating a private equity fund?

Incorporating a fund like Nazca in a project stimulates the acceleration of a growth plan (for results, for strategic value); that is our raison d’être. Therefore, the entrepreneur must seek and be prepared to lead an ambitious development plan for the company, knowing that it will have the support of a partner which will help it to make strategic decisions which arise.

What do you like most about your work?

Having the opportunity to help the businesses in which we invest to grow and increase their strategic value. The experience gathered by all members of the team allows us to contribute to many different areas of businesses.

How do you spend your free time?

Outside of the office I disconnect from work and “bring value” to my family. My other favourite leisure activities are playing sports with friends, and cinema.