Catalina Chalbaud

Head of Legal

Catalina Chalbaud

Catalina Chalbaud joined Nazca in 2015 as Legal Manager and Compliance Officer of the manager. Catalina has extensive experience in corporate law and structured financing.

What is your experience?

After graduating in Law and Administration and Business Management from the Autonomous University of Madrid, I formed part of the M&A and Private Equity department of Uría Menéndez, where I remained for 7 years, actively participating in important and complex merger and acquisitions operations in Spain, after a brief internship period in the tax department. Work in this office gave me the opportunity to learn from great professionals and to participate in some of the main corporate operations in our country.

What makes you most proud to belong to Nazca?

There is something that makes me feel particularly proud to work at this company, and that is the investment made in each member of the team; firstly, through active training of younger employees; and secondly providing the more senior team with visibility and promotion. This makes Nazca a place where it is difficult not to feel motivated and professionally recognised.

What motivates you most in working with a management team?

What motivates me the most is that it allows legal issues to be approached from a much more practical perspective. Often, lawyers run the risk of becoming excessively theoretical and losing sight of what is really important. The closeness and dialogue with the management team brings you into the business, and with a better understanding of it, allows you to offer more effective solutions.

What do you like most about your work?

Clearly, the possibility it offers me of balancing my professional expectations with my family life. At Nazca I feel I have found the perfect balance: I have an intellectually stimulating, dynamic, demanding job where each day is different; but at the same time it offers me the flexibility I need right now in my life with small children.