2003 / 2007 | www.dibaq.com

Leading company in animal nutrition in Spain"

Dibaq is the leading company in the production of feed for marine aquaculture and the second largest producer of pet food. It has 3 production centres in Spain and 190 employees, generating invoicing in Spain and exporting its products to countries of the Mediterranean (Greece, Portugal, Italy and France) and Eastern Europe.

Value contribution

  • Focusing of growth of the company on the main lines of business (feed for aquaculture and pets) through combination of the production line with a competitor and closure of non-strategic lines of business (pig and basic food).
  • Acquisition of a subsidiary with a production centre in the Czech Republic to accelerate expansion in Eastern Europe.
  • Support in long-term financial structuring of the company with international banks.
  • Strengthening of the financial control of the company and the financial department.


In 2007, Nazca sold to the founding partners in a transaction which in turn led to the entry of a long-term local financial partner (Caja Duero).

Investment period

April 2003 - April 2007



Sales upon investment

75,8 Million euros

Employees upon investment