Zunibal, portfolio company of Nazca Capital, acquires a minority stake in Cambrian Intelligence to consolidate its position as a world leader in technology applied to sustainable fisheries

Zunibal, portfolio company of Nazca Capital, acquires a minority stake in Cambrian Intelligence to consolidate its position as a world leader in technology applied to sustainable fisheries

  • With this acquisition, Zunibal consolidates its position as a world leader in technology applied to integral solutions for sustainable tuna fishing
  • Zunibal has fully financed this transaction with its cash, demonstrating its clear commitment to consolidate its leadership in offering high-value-added services to its customers
  • Cambrian Intelligence is a benchmark in the application of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to create leading-edge technological solutions, a key technology in the sector to ensure its sustainability

Madrid/Bilbao, 30 October 2023.- In a strategic step towards consolidating its leadership in the fishing and digitalisation industry, Nazca Capital’s portfolio company Zunibal has acquired a 20% stake in Cambrian Intelligence, establishing a strong alliance to further strengthen their partnership.

With more than four years of experience in digitisation and data analysis through artificial intelligence applied to fishing, and more than 25 years of experience in the sector, Zunibal has demonstrated its commitment to providing value-added services to its clients that guarantee a sustainable fishing model. This alliance with Cambrian Intelligence clearly reflects company’s commitment to technological innovation as a pioneer in the industry.

Throughout these 4 years, Zunibal and Cambrian Intelligence have collaborated to leverage the diverse data captured by its buoys, from acoustic (tuna biomass) to information related to the geopositioning of buoys and oceanographic data. As a result, the efficiency and sustainability of tuna fishing have significantly improved by introducing disruptive AI-based tools to the sector. An example of this innovation is the ability to identify in real-time using artificial intelligence, the buoys where a significant concentration of tuna has been detected, or the generation of daily maps of areas suitable for fishing.

The synergy generated by strengthening the strategic relationship between the two companies will maximise the exploitation of data, thereby generating greater benefits and efficiencies in fishing activities.

Ibone Rodriguez de Pablo, General Manager and shareholder of Zunibal: “This alliance will help us to further strengthen the bond between Cambrian Intelligence and Zunibal in order to strengthen and expand our offer of comprehensive services and solutions for sustainable fisheries, with the clear goal of providing our clients with even more efficient and accurate tools to facilitate their business”.

Daniel Pascual, Nazca Capital’s partner: “This deal means that our 2021 strategic goals of global expansion based on technological innovation are being implemented, although we will continue to actively identify new inorganic growth opportunities that complement or reinforce Zunibal’s technology solutions.

Cristóbal Esteban, CEO of Cambrian Intelligence, said: “After years of fruitful collaboration, Zunibal has become a global leader in the application of AI. With this agreement, we reaffirm our commitment to continue accelerating this technological development with Zunibal, driving the state of the art in AI systems for fisheries and sustainable use of marine resources. For us, this mission represents an exciting challenge and a technological breakthrough that can also be transferrableto other areas”.

About Zunibal:

Founded in 1995 in Derio (Vizcaya), Zunibal has established itself as a benchmark in the field of innovation and the development of advanced technological solutions dedicated to sustainable fishing and marine monitoring, fields where research and development (R&D) play a crucial role. Specialised in  manufacturing satellite buoys for fishing fleets, Zunibal is committed to a technical and precise approach, ensuring solutions of the highest quality and efficiency. Its product offering not only meets the highest performance standards but also aligns with the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility, actively contributing to the conservation of marine resources.


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About Cambrian Intelligence

Cambrian Intelligence (www.cambrianintelligence.com) specialises on developing premium Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Its business model consists of the development of AI engines as well as the creation of B2B and B2C tools for their exploitation. Their highly qualified team drives innovation and excellence in the digital transformation of their clients. They position themselves as a key strategic partner, providing expertise, high-value technology, and innovation, with a strong commitment to the ethical application of AI and addressing current and future social and environmental challenges.

About Nazca

Nazca is a private equity firm specialised in the Spanish low-mid market. Nazca leads its market segment, both in terms of the volume of transactions carried out and the returns obtained on its investments. Since 2001, Nazca has fully invested Funds I, II, and III with sizes of €100 million, €150 million, and €230 million respectively, having made 99 transactions: 42 direct investments in companies, 30 additional acquisitions of companies from its portfolio and 26 divestments.

It currently manages simultaneously the €300 million Nazca IV Fund and the €150 million Nazca Small Cap I Fund (Nazca SCI) to invest in smaller SMEs, both funds committed primarily by international institutional investors. For more information, please visit  www.nazca.es

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