Soy Olivia Media Group joins with Bushido Talent, a leading genz agency

Soy Olivia Media Group joins with Bushido Talent, a leading genz agency

  • This is a strategic partnership with the goal of expanding market share and strengthening the positioning of the resulting company in the entertainment sector and new platforms of the generation Z.
  • Soy Olivia Media Group expects to close 2023 with a turnover of €18 million, including the contribution of Bushido Talent.

Madrid, July 27th, 2023.- Soy Olivia Media Group, a leading influencer marketing company in Spain, has confirmed the partnership with the pioneer agency in entertainment and new generations, Bushido Talent. The holding company aims to expand its market share, as well as its positioning as a benchmark in the representation of digital talent and as a global agency focused on influencer and social marketing.

Javier García-Gallo, founding partner of Soy Olivia MG, says: “Under our philosophy of advancing every day as consultants and consumers, we believe in constant specialization. The joining withBushido Talent is key because of its know-how within the GENZ world as well as in new platforms. This, together with its human team and work processes, will be an added value that will allow us to increase the value proposition to our customers”.

This alliance is another step forward for Soy Olivia Media Group to offer a broader service that responds to a demand from the sector, towards new channels and territories. This union comes with a clear focus on generation Z and the world of entertainment. An innovative collaboration that will keep their teams organized independently, maintaining their own identity and methodologies, generating synergies between the two companies.

“The entry in Soy Olivia MG is a great opportunity for growth. Joining a consolidated holding company and pioneer in the sector to an expertise in new platforms such as TikTok & Twitch oriented to new generations. A perfect combination of positioning and diversification,” says Mohamed Elben, founder and CEO of Bushido Talent.

Soy Olivia was founded in 2015 as a pioneer agency in the representation of Influencers, has been led by Daniela Rodríguez, Eduardo García Alier and Javier García-Gallo. With continuous innovation, they decide to integrate different verticals of high added value in design and campaign management (NOMADS) and content creation (ONCEUNO). After the incorporation of the investment fund Nazca Capital, to its shareholding in 2022, the addition of this new division focused on generation Z and the world of entertainment and new formats, stands as a value of growth and consolidation, maintaining a unique and creative approach within digital marketing (“Breaking Rules Through Social Influence”). Soy Olivia Media Group expects to close 2023 with a turnover of €18 million, including the contribution of Bushido Talent.

Bushido Talent has been advised by AW Investment Advisory and Garrigues and Soy Olivia by KPMG and Pérez-Llorca.

About Soy Olivia

SO Media Group is a holding company specialized in Influencer Marketing, native advertising on social platforms, creativity and digital consulting. Founded in 2015, it has been part of the market growth of brands and influencers generating value through content. Its differential value is born from the conception of social marketing as a conversation between advertisers and audiences as an organic and effective experience. The figures achieved in 2022 with more than 250 new clients, a 16% increase in investment in recurring clients, more than 500 collaborating influencers and 100 audiovisual productions, are a claim as a representation, campaign management and content creative agency.

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About Nazca

Nazca is a private equity firm specialised in the Spanish low-mid market. Nazca leads its market segment, both in terms of the volume of transactions carried out and the returns obtained on its investments. Since 2001, Nazca has fully invested Funds I, II and III with sizes of €100 million, €150 million and €230 million respectively, having made 99 transactions: 42 direct investments in companies, 30 additional acquisitions of companies from its portfolio and 26 divestments.

It currently manages simultaneously the €300 million Nazca IV Fund and the €150 million Nazca Small Cap I Fund (Nazca SCI) to invest in smaller SMEs, both funds committed primarily by international institutional investors. For more information, please visit  www.nazca.es 

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