Nazca Capital wins award for best ESG initiative together with Zunibal

Nazca Capital wins award for best ESG initiative together with Zunibal

  • Nazca Capital has received this award during the 17th Edition of the Private Equity Awards in Spain
  • With the entry of Nazca, Zunibal designed a long-term ESG Plan with the purpose of developing technologies to improve fishing efficiency and management by promoting the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility, as well as implementing social impact and good governance measures.

Madrid/Bilbao, July 5, 2024.- Nazca Capital, a leading private equity firm specialized in unlisted Spanish SMEs, has been awarded the prize for the best ESG initiative during the 17th Edition of the Private Equity Awards in Spain organized by SPAINCAP, the association that brings together Venture Capital & Private Equity entities in Spain, Deloitte and IESE Business School. Nazca Capital has obtained this recognition for its work in ESG with its portfolio company Zunibal, a global benchmark and pioneer in the development of high value-added technological solutions for sustainable fishing.

With Nazca’s entry, due to its firm commitment to sustainable development, Zunibal incorporated into its strategy a long-term ESG Plan 2021-2027 that has involved the implementation of a several measures whose main goal is to achieve sustainability in environmental, social and governance matters. Among the different actions, the launch of innovative products committed to the environment such as technology for species discrimination to avoid bycatch, proprietary fleet management software to ensure traceability and optimal routes to reduce the carbon footprint or biodegradable FADs to eliminate marine pollution stand out. In addition, Zunibal’s technology has enabled the development of artisanal fisheries, fostering developing economies and contributing to efficient and sustainable fishing for the entire population.

The specific impacts that the jury has positively valued include, among others, the application of Artificial Intelligence to develop new technologies to improve the sustainability of the oceans (through the acquisition of a stake in Cambrian Intelligence), the 53% increase in renewable energy produced, a 72% reduction in hazardous waste and a 29% improvement in energy intensity, in terms of sustainability. Zunibal has also increased its commitment to its employees and increased the link with its local suppliers (both in the Basque Country and in Latin America): 98% of employees are local, 48% of suppliers are local and training plans have been established for 98% of employees.

Ibone Rodriguez de Pablo, General Manager and shareholder of Zunibal, “For us, sustainability is more than a trend, it is a responsibility. Thanks to the support of Nazca Capital, we have been able to implement a long-term plan that contributes to a more sustainable future for the communities and the environment in which we operate. This award motivates us to continue innovating and improving”.

Daniel Pascual, Partner at Nazca Capital, “We are very proud to receive this award, which is a recognition of Nazca’s commitment and dedication to integrate ESG strategies in our investments. This award is a testament to the commitment and tireless effort of the entire Zunibal team to innovate in order to foster sustainability and create a positive impact on society”.

The event, which took place at the Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid , was attended and participated in by leading industry personalities from both the financial and academic sectors, highlighting the significance and impact of sustainability initiatives in the private equity sector in Spain.