Tomás Corredor

Member of the Advisory Board

Tomás Corredor

Tomás Corredor joined the IAB in 2015, although his relationship with Nazca began in 2005, when he carried out an MBI with Nazca Private Equity to acquire Guzman Gastronomía, with the aim of making it the leader of the Spanish HORECA sector. He has over 25 years of experience in the agrifood, restaurant, retail, food and services sectors, in which he has held different positions including executive, shareholder and board member.

How do you get involved in Nazca projects?

Specifically, having been a shareholder with Nazca gave me a different perspective when I became involved in projects, as I had invested with them, seeing how entrepreneurs and partners interact in the shareholdings in which I became involved as a board member. Personally, I like to be very close to the business, and not to be a passive board member merely attending a monthly meeting. Bringing added value as a partner of Nazca, in addition to as an executive makes my involvement full and very committed.

What ties and values connect you with Nazca?

In truth, its principles are the same as my own in both my personal and professional life: honesty, hard work, and maximum passion and commitment to what you do.

Why would you recommend an entrepreneur to associate with Nazca?

In addition to its extensive and successful experience, I wish to highlight a differentiating factor in this answer. Having been a partner of Nazca, I have the experience of having shared good times, and other less good, tenser times due to circumstantial market issues. It is in difficult times that you see who people and partners truly are (as in personal life); when things are going well, there is no problem. In these more complex situations, Nazca always acted with professionalism and values which allow me to emphatically state that Nazca is a good partner for an entrepreneur looking for one.

What attracts and motivates you most about being a member of the Nazca IAB?

Mainly being able to contribute in the long-term to the ambitious project that Nazca has ahead of it, providing my experience and values in each project I am involved in. Additionally, sharing values with absolutely every person who makes up Nazca makes being a member of the IAB very gratifying.