Susana García

Member of the Advisory Board

Susana García

Susana García joined the IAB in 2015, although she began her relationship with Nazca in 2002, as Managing Director for leading the project of Svenson, our first acquisition. With over 25 years in management positions, and 15 in senior management, Susana has varied experience undertaking business projects and leading the transformation and professionalisation of all kinds of companies.

What is your experience?

I am an economist, with an MBA from IE and PADE senior management business programme qualification from IESE (2016). Before joining Svenson, I started my professional career in the marketing departments of Johnson Wax, Mantequerías Arias, as marketing management at Seagram, Flex, and as Managing Director of Noctalia (Flex). These projects have a common denominator: double digit growth thanks to differentiated strategies and new launches such as Burgo de Arias, Absolut Vodka in Spain, and Flex Noctalia stores.

At Svenson, as managing director for 13 years, I led the transformation and professionalisation of the company, creating value thanks to the improvement of services, medicalization of treatments, and introduction of capillary surgery, creating the largest clinic in Europe, with a strategy of organic growth with new clinics in Spain, and with international development through acquisitions, all possible thanks to the alignment of objectives and teamwork with Nazca.

I currently manage the transition of family businesses, and participate with Nazca in the IAB, providing support for the analysis of companies with an industrial perspective.

What factor is key in the private equity management team relationship?

The key factor in the relationship with the management team of the private equity company is to have shared objectives, with challenges and permanent support to maximise opportunities, and with a fluid, personal relationship of full trust.

What are the main differentiating factors in Nazca’s investment approach?

From my experience as CEO of a company invested in by Nazca, there are many differentiating factors of the Nazca team: in-depth knowledge of the company and its business model, with support thanks to its experience in defining a successful strategy, and with maximum dynamism in decision making, without having to wait for the next board meeting. Thanks to the personal relationship of trust, key teams are motivated, also allowing you to enjoy the work.

With your professional experience, what can you contribute to Nazca?

I can offer Nazca very varied experience as a CEO, manager and minority shareholder, in different types of company (multinationals, family businesses, and businesses invested in by private equity companies), in different markets and distribution strategies, in different stages of growth or restructuring, and with a commercial and marketing background, in different sectors such as retail, services, large consumption and B2B, in markets such as health and beauty, food and drinks, cleaning products, household equipment, distribution of products for service stations, office material, and a keen sense for detecting opportunities.

Why would you recommend an entrepreneur to associate with Nazca?

Because with Nazca they will have a “perfect partner” for promoting opportunities for the growth of their company, whether by organic growth or acquisitions, thanks to the experience of its teams, and its business vision, with aligned objectives, which will allow returns on its project to be maximised.

What attracts and motivates you most about being a member of the Nazca IAB?

Having the opportunity to form part of a top quality, professional, committed team with solid values and with passion for their work, from a different perspective than during my previous work as CEO of an investee company.

In this phase I support their analysis or monitoring of companies with my industry experience, and continue learning every day from the Nazca team and the managers or partners of the investee companies.