Óscar Vela

Member of the Advisory Board

Óscar Vela

Óscar Vela joined the Advisory Board in 2015. Óscar has over 30 years of experience in the retail sector, and currently collaborates in the monitoring of Foodbox.

What ties and values connect you with Nazca?

We began our relationship in 2005, when it acquired the Lizarrán chain of pinchos and tapas establishments for which I was the Managing Director in Spain. During the following years at the company, we achieved our objective of turning a small local chain into a global leader in tapas. This successful relationship was possible thanks to sharing ways of working based on effort, simplicity and a clear orientation toward results.

What challenges must entrepreneurs take into account when considering incorporating a private equity fund?

The main challenge for entrepreneurs is the need for alignment with the fund and with the team, to work together and focus on shared objectives. Another of the challenges is the attitude that an entrepreneur must have: to be capable of having a strong, dynamic mentality for leading an ambitious development plan for the company, as well as the capacity for adaptation to change and flexibility, while maintaining the rigour and operational discipline which led them to Nazca. Finally, they must also take into account that during the process, they will always be assisted by a fund, which ultimately is made up of people, and it is therefore crucial to have empathy and to work easily as a team.

What attracts and motivates you most about being a member of the Nazca IAB?

As a member of the Nazca advisory board, I am proud to be part of the leader of this market segment, above all because it allows me to stay in contact with a group of people who do great things. Analysing opportunities, sharing visions and experiences is always enriching.

Why would you recommend an entrepreneur to associate with Nazca?

Firstly, due to the people who make up the company, and secondly, due to the critical thinking and solidarity shown in difficult times. Nazca is the ideal option for companies seeking experience and strategic support, both in operations and financing, for creating value.