Marta Blasco

Office Manager

Marta Blasco

Marta joined Nazca in 2018. She is in charge of ensuring that the office runs properly, organising trips, attending to visitors and the telephone and making life easier for everyone else.

What is your experience?

I studied Administration and Business Management at the ESE School, I worked at Apotex and at Trucco in the marketing and communication department.

What makes you most proud to belong to Nazca?

The atmosphere and the people, we are like a family.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to go out to dinner with my friends and discover new restaurants. I love gastronomy, and when I can I practice skiing, my favourite sport.

What social activities have you carried out / have inspired you?

We carried out volunteering at a food bank, and what inspired me most was seeing that my Nazca colleagues did so with the same dedication as their daily work.