Juan López de Novales


Juan López de Novales

Juan joined Nazca in 2008. Notable among his work is seeking new investment opportunities, the creation of value in investee companies, and the internal organisation of Nazca analysts and associates. Juan has over 11years of experience in private equity and is a member of the management board of FoodBox, Terratest, One Shot Hotels and Laboratorios Almond.

What is your experience?

After graduating in Economic Science and completing the Ba Hons in International Business in Southampton, I began my professional career in the world of auditing-consulting. I worked for 4 years at Arthur Andersen in auditing and for 4 years at KPMG in Transaction Services (2 years in New York).

What makes you most proud to belong to Nazca?

I am proud to form part of a company and a team which brings positive changes to companies and individuals. Nazca makes things happen.

What motivates you most in working with a management team?

Working with different management teams in different situations allows you to understand different perspectives, and thereby develop as a professional.

What is the main challenge a private equity professional faces when analysing an investment opportunity?

Identifying the key aspects of the business and the opportunity on which you wish to focus your analysis, and defining how you can respond to problems.

What do you like most about your work?

The dynamism. I love to be out of my comfort zone and have to face challenges continuously. Each opportunity, each company is a new challenge for contributing your prior experience.

How do you spend your free time?

I enjoy practicing sports with my family at the weekend. I’m a seasoned golf player. I try to travel to Málaga regularly to visit my family and childhood friends.