Carlos Marcos

Member of the Advisory Board

Carlos Marcos

Carlos Marcos joined the Advisory Board in 2018. Carlos has extensive experience in the industrial business world.

What is your experience?

I have carried out intense professional activity in ABB since 1978, holding management positions in different companies of the Group in Spain over the years and belonging to the senior management of the Spanish holding since 1992. In 2003 I was appointed Managing Director and chief executive of Asea Brown Boveri S.A. (ABB España) and President of the Management Board of ABB in Portugal, functions which I carried out until the end of 2017.

I graduated in industrial engineering from the Superior College of Engineers of the ICAI, as well as from the Superior College of Industrial Engineers in Madrid. I also obtained an International Executive MBA.

How do you get involved in Nazca projects?

I advise the management and team of Nazca on matters related with industrial businesses being analysed. I accompany members of the team on visits to industrial facilities, providing my opinion. In the analysis, I try to integrate aspects related with the organisation, the production process, the product, the marketing and sales processes, sustainability, and the business plan, etc.

I also help to identify the potential added value derived from the application of digitisation of the industry.

What are the main differentiating factors in Nazca’s investment approach?

Before making the investment, the Nazca team carries out an exhaustive analysis of the company, its strategies, its assets, its competitive position, its culture and its managers. Therefore, once a potential investment has been identified, resources and sufficient time are dedicated to learn about the company’s operations in-depth and to agree the shared future plan with the management team. Most importantly, Nazca seeks a relationship of mutual trust and commitment to its future partners, which is necessary for the success of a shared future.

With your professional experience, what can you contribute to Nazca?

I have experienced many business transformations, many business plans, and I have worked with very diverse teams of professionals. I believe that with the perspective of these experiences, I can help Nazca to better understand the industrial environment, the keys for growth of the companies operating in this environment, and indicate how their strategic growth can be increased.

I also place great importance on promoting the environmental and social sustainability of the businesses we analyse, including the health and safety of their employees and corporate governance practices.