Alfonso Argüelles

Investment Director

Alfonso Argüelles

Alfonso joined Nazca in 2017. He forms part of the investment team, providing support in the generation, analysis and execution of new opportunities, and support in the monitoring of Filmin and Phibo. Alfonso is also responsible for the monitoring of the generation of new opportunities and monitoring of relationships with fund advisors.

What is your experience?

After graduating in Law and Business Administration from ICADE (E3) and before joining Nazca in 2017, I worked for 4 years at EY on the Transactions team for some of the main national and international investment funds, mainly in the industry and retail sectors.

What do you think makes Nazca different?

Reputation and integrity. Our reputation on the market is our most valuable asset, built with over 20 years of relationships with partners, management teams, advisors and investors.

What motivates you most in working with a management team?

The possibility of developing a bond of trust with top level managers, who are experts in their businesses and have many years of experience, and who can be supported in the development of their professional projects, which in the majority of cases are vital projects.

What must an entrepreneur seek when selecting a private equity fund?

A private equity fund is much more than a provider of financial resources; it is a partner, and in the case of Nazca, an active partner with an opinion. As in any relationship, there are different points of view on the way to reach a common objective. The best partner will be the one with which all business decisions are made with respect and support, both in favourable and adverse situations.

How do you spend your free time?

On holidays, I like to take a backpack, a tight budget, and a few good friends to travel the world. On my recent trips I have reached the base camp of the Annapurna, camped on a glacier in Iceland, taken the highest bungee jump in the world in China, and dived over 40 metres deep to a sunken ship in Cuba.